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Fox 43 Sports Segment - CLICK HERE
January 16, 2013

Links to some TV Sports Minute samples.

TV Sports Minute
(6 segments, 1-minute each)

Links to some Radio Commercials and Promos

Radio Promo

Links to some Radio Shows

March 9, 2012 (54 minutes each)

Link to The Golf Show
Dan Shea with Greg Bicouvaris

April 26, 2011 (49 minutes)

Link to UFL Countdown Kickoff radio show
Doug Williams with Greg Bicouvaris

March 28, 2011 (54 minutes)

Greg with Tim Smith from Moonshiners TV Show

Sports Scene Interviews

Sports Scene: 13-July-2013
Featured Guest: Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame, Director of Athletics

Sports Scene: 15-June-2013
Featured Guest: Jeff Jones, Head Basketball Coach at ODU

Sports Scene: May 2013
Featured Guest: Ian Eagle, CBS Sports

Sports Scene: 09-Feb-2013
Featured Guest: Jim Hart

Sports Scene: 15-Dec-2012
Featured Guests: Billy Kilmer & Sonny Jurgensen

Sports Scene: 06-Oct-2012
Featured Guests: Cornelius Green & Tom Matte

Sports Scene: 11-Aug-2012
Featured Guests: James Lofton & Jay Randolph

Sports Scene: 12-May-2012
Featured Guests: Merril Reese & Joe Rudi

Sports Scene: 19-Nov-2011
Featured Guest: Howard David

Sports Scene segment: 24-Sep-2011
Featured Guest: Ken "Hawk" Harrelson

Sports Scene: 23-Apr-2011
Featured Guest: Craig Esherick

Sports Scene: 26-Mar-2011
Featured Guest: Dave Sims

Sports Scene: 14-Feb-2011
Featured Guests: Clark Kellogg and Larry King